Meet the Pink Machine

Our Pink Machine is known in the industry as “The most reliable cylindrical screen printing machine ever made”.  Brilliantly simple. Easy to operate. And versatile. 
Products from our Pink Machine come with the experience and know how from our dedicated team of printing professionals.  
The machine was invented to quick change it’s dedicated tooling system that allows our operators to go from one product to the next in literally seconds. Without adjustments in screen height, centerline of squeegee, image alignment, etc. Changeover ­between ­different products is a simple 30 second process. 
We can produce your ­orders in minutes rather than days with the machine’s quick throughput of 3,600 ­parts per hour. Whether your ­business ­involves short runs or high volume production, our semi-automatic machines delivers. 
The machine offers the versatility to print any cylindrical product. From a shot glass to a growler, we can print it all.